Our Process.......

We specialize in Sculpture enlargements and one of a kind sculpture/exhibit pieces. Everything is completed by hand. We have the ability to make duplicates by using molds or by contracting out parts of the project. Depending on your project needs, the process will vary. Please contact us to discuss your project ideas today!!

We specialize in:
     - Sculpture Enlargements

     - Small & Large format 3 Dimensional Foam Sculptures
     - Everything is completed by hand and with the use of CNC
Milling and computer equipment.
     - Set Pieces and Props
     - Exhibit Pieces
     - 3D Advertising (Floats, Signage etc.)
     - Mold Making (certain applications only)
     - Dioramas / Plant Preservation
     - Custom Made Sculptures and Paintings

Welcome to Silver Fox 3D Studios

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